Committee members were solicited by the officers, and all the volunteers were assigned to a committee that they listed of interest to them. The committee members will be appointed for staggered terms of three years, and with official transition/ends of terms occurring at the time of the business meeting held at the USCAP Annual Meeting.

Executive Committee

President: Cynthia Guy
Vice President: Dhanpat Jain
Past President: Sanjay Kakar
Secretary-Treasurer: Daniela Allende

Membership Committee

This committee will report to the Secy/Treas, who is Dr. Daniela Allende, through the Committee chair. The role of this committee will be to determine possible means of encouraging membership or consideration of membership benefits. The Chair will provide the annual membership update at the annual business meeting. Other duties of this committee can be entertained by the committee members, and brought to the Executive Committee for consideration. Term length 3 years.

   Hanlin Wang (3/2019 – 3/2022)
   John Hart (3/2019 – 3/2022)
   Yaun Ji (3/2021 – 3/2024)
   Aatur Singhi (3/2021 – 3/2024)
   Yue Xue (3/2021 – 3/2024)

Education Committee

This committee will assist the Executive Committee (Pres, VP, Sec/Trea, and past Pres) in the selection of the best abstract for the resident award. Each member of the committee as well as each member of the Executive committee will review the abstracts and independently vote on the best abstract. Any person with co-authorship or from the same institution as the authors of an abstract should not vote on that abstract. The Secy/Treas tallies the votes.

This committee may also serve as an advisory body on selection of topics and speakers for the annual symposium, but the Executive Committee will finalize the program, and the President will moderate (or appoint a moderator) and submit the program to the USCAP.

The Educational Committee members may have other suggestions for activities, and can bring these forward to the Executive Committee for consideration. Term length 3 years.

Chair: Nafis Shafizadeh (3/2016 – 3/2023)
   Vishal Chandan (3/2018 – 3/2022)
   Soo-Jin Cho (3/2021 – 3/2024)
   Ashim Das (3/2021 – 3/2024)
   Gillian Hale (3/2021 – 3/2024)
   Mojgan Hosseini (12/2017 – 3/2022)
   Meredith Pittman (3/2021 – 3/2024)
   Heather Stevenson-Lerner (3/2019 – 3/2022)
   Lindsey Westbrook (8/2020 – 3/2023) (Journal Watch editor)

Newsletter/Publications Committee

This committee is primarily charged with the production of the newsletter, but may expand their role if desired, and with permission from the Executive Committee. The Chair of this committee will report their activities, and send the draft of the newsletter to the President.  Term length 3 years.

Chair: Sadhna Dhingra (3/2021-3/2024)
   Purva Gopal (12/2017-3/2022)
   Michael Lee (3/2021-3/2024)
   Yuanxin Liang (3/2021-3/2024)

Website Committee

This committee is charged with the update and management of the website and social media (e.g. Twitter). The Chair of this committee will report their activities to the Executive Committee. Term length 3 years.

Chair: Raul S. Gonzalez (7/2020-3/2023)
   Maryam Pezhouh (3/2019-3/2022)
   Monika Vyas (3/2021-3/2024)
Associate Member:
   Adam Booth (3/2019-3/2022)

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