Dear Hans Popper Members,

Seasons greeting from all of us in the executive committee and once again I bring some exciting news to you all. I am very happy to report that many new initiatives of the society are taking shape and hopefully will energize our members on many fronts, and I would like to highlight a few of them at this time.

One of our big initiatives has been to expand HPHS activities beyond borders and take liver pathology to the doorsteps of any interested individual anywhere in the world. In this regard, I would like to congratulate Dr. Maria Isabel Fiel and Dr. Xuchen Zhang who hosted the first East-Zone regional HPHS meeting. At this meeting interesting cases were presented from young pathologists in training under guidance from HPHS mentors. This format is a good opportunity for the trainees to participate in our activities at a national platform. Almost 100 attendees participated in this first regional conference that was a virtual meeting. Please stay tuned to subsequent meetings later in the year organized by coordinators from South, Central and West zones that will tackle various important hepatopathology issues. These conferences will be zoom-based online events that everyone from anywhere can participate. Another initiative that we embarked on was to engage a greater number of HPHS members in various activities, so that we can promote hepatopathology at a larger scale and at the same time help advance the careers of academic hepatopathologists, especially our upcoming Pathologists. Our members were asked to express their desire to get involved in HPHS activities by filling out an online form from our website ( Se7mbcSxpKPsmPZUgpBtqUZAFrr-uy8KGl- 1jXwtK5qwTyFlg/viewform) and about 20 members have responded so far. The executive committee is committed to ensure that all of them are provided an opportunity to contribute to our mission. I would encourage all our members to use this option to express their specific interests in getting involved in various HPHS activities.

These opportunities consist of contributing in various HPHS committees, presenting at Regional, National and International meetings, organizing regional meetings and courses, and participating in HPHS sponsored courses and symposia. To achieve this goal and also to increase our visibility, we have been able to increase our participation at various National and International meetings which has created several opportunities for the HPHS members to contribute. Apart from USCAP, our members are presenting upcoming ECP, ASCP, CAP and IAP meetings and this is likely to continue. The details of these programs are included elsewhere in this newsletter and as well our website.

Once again, I encourage our members to reach out to us with any ideas or activities

that they would like us to consider. I would like to thank all our committee members who are working behind the scenes for the newsletters, journal watch, creating and reviewing surveys and updating our members’ list, and maintaining our website. Without their tireless work, none of this would be possible. We are looking forward to the exciting times ahead, increasing membership benefits and engagement opportunities. We thank you for your continuous support.


Dhanpat Jain President, HPHS

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