Congratulations to the recipients of the 2022 HPHS Lifetime Achievement Award

Linda Ferrell

Dr. Linda Ferrell accepts award from HPHS President Dr. Cynthia Guy.

(Some of) Dr. Ferrell’s academic achievements:

•Multiple teaching awards including: Mostofi Award 2015, Harvey Goldman Master Teacher Award 2016, Arthur Purdy Stout Society President’s Award 2017, Fred W. Stewart Memorial Sloan Kettering Award 20219, Distinguished Pathologist Award from USCAP 2020

•USCAP Education Committee and Executive Council

•Chaired 2 major educational courses for pathologists for multiple years including USCF (33 years!) and the California Society of Pathologists annual course (8 years).

Swan Thung

Dr. Swan Thung accepts award from HPHS President Dr. Cynthia Guy.

(Some of) Dr. Thung’s academic achievements:

•Co-authored 390 peer-reviewed papers

•Written 64 book chapters and 2 books

•Established Liver Pathology Division and Liver Pathology Fellowship Program at Mount Sinai Hospital in 1989

•Graduates of the Fellowship program often hold key positions in Academic Medical Centers in the US and abroad

•Trained scholars from abroad: Turkey, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Slovania, Belgium, Lebanon, Iran, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Chile, and Brazil

•Member of ELVES International Liver Pathology Group 

•Founding member of HPHS

•Member of the International LAENNEC Liver Study Group

•Member of the International Liver Cancer Association

•Member of the Alliance for Cancer Gene and Cell Therapy

•Member of Mount Sinai Liver Cancer Research Program

•Keeping close relationship with Liver Pathology trainees and scholars  

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