Congratulations to the Winners of 2018 HPHS Trainee Award

First Place Overall Winner of the 2018 HPHS Best Abstract Award
Trainee winner:  Christopher Bowman, UCSF
Immunological and cancer-related genes differentiate between hepatocellular adenoma and well-differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma
Christopher Bowman, Jarish Cohen, Sanjay Kakar, Sara Umetszu, Zoltan Laski

First Runner Up
Trainee winner:  Rachel Fels Elliott, UCSF
Parenchymal rejection in liver transplant biopsies: a form of rejection distinct from severe acute cellular rejection
Rachel Fels Elliott, Linda Ferrell, Bilal Hameed, Sanjay Kakar, Ryan Gill

Second Runner Up
Trainee winner:  Michael Schild, Duke University
Sonic hedgehog immunohistocmemistry improves inter-observer agreement for ballooning and the diagnosis of NASH among less experienced liver pathologists
Michael Schild, Liyan Xu, Ayako Suzuki, Diana Cardona, Lani Clinton, Shannon McCall, Avani Pendse,
Xuefeng Zhang, Manal F Abdelmalek, Anna M Diehl, Cynthia Guy.

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