President’s Message September 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

In this president’s message we will consider one of the major functions of the office of the President—organizing the Hans Popper Hepatopathology companion meeting.

The President proposes topics and speakers to the Executive Committee, who provide feedback and additional suggestions before the agenda is finalized.  The topics are usually organized around a central theme.  For 2018, the theme will be Major challenges in liver pathology, with topics selected because they pose ongoing challenges, even to those with a lot of experience in diagnostic liver pathology.  Speakers are chosen because they have demonstrable expertise by way of experience and publications.  In many cases, there are multiple excellent speaker candidates, so other factors might be considered, such as geographic variation and if/when an individual spoke at the last Hans Popper companion meeting.  With the new SOPs, we try to hear a wider range of expert voices, selecting whenever possible speakers who have not given talks at the companion within the last three years.  Is there a topic you would be interested in?  Feel free to propose a topic or speaker by sending an email to the president.

Many of the speakers attend the annual Hans Popper Reception, which takes place on Saturday night before the companion meeting, and this is a great place to meet them informally. They are fun and interesting people!  If you get the chance, please take the opportunity to thank the speakers.  They do not receive honorarium or travel expenses with the new SOPs, but agree to speak because of their interest, expertise, and passion for liver pathology.
In the table below are the topics and speakers for the 2018 meeting.  I believe it will be an excellent session and hope you can attend.  

Please don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Hans Popper Reception in Vancouver (Saturday night)—location will be announced later.

Finally, at the reception we raffle off a handful of liver pathology books.  If you would like to donate a book, please send me an email (and the book) and I will get it to the reception.  It can be a book you wrote, or even one that you like a lot and think it would be a good addition to the raffle.


Michael Torbenson, MD
President, Hans Popper Society

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