Congratulations to the Winners of 2016 HPHS Trainee Award

Winner of The 2016 HPHS Best Abstract

Dr. Rondell Graham (Mayo Clinic Rochester, mentor: Dr. Michael Torbenson)
PRKACA Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization Reveals Novel Findings in Fibrolamellar Carcinoma

Drs. Fiel, Graham and Adeyi

First Runner-up Abstract

Dr. Ashley Stueck (Mt. Sinai Medical Center NY, mentor: Dr. M. Isabel Fiel)
A Novel Histologic Diagnostic Algorithm for Hepatic Graft Versus Host Disease

Drs. Adeyi, Stueck and Fiel

Second Runner-up Abstract

Dr. Mamta Pant (Medical College of Wisconsin, mentor: Dr. Kiyoko Oshima)
Are Eosinophilic Glassy Globules in Autoimmune Hepatitis a Histologic Clue to Diagnosis?

Drs. Fiel, Pant and Adeyi

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